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6 August 2016


instead of introduction

Luciani lived on a planet where no music was ever heard. The planet was called Sinux HZ, and coming into a music store, you could not just walk up to an instrument like a violin or a clarinet in order to buy it and then practice at home. In fact, there were no music stores on Luciani's planet.

And there were no concerts ever performed. Mozart was unheard of. Beethoven was an empty sound. Bach was more obscure than a Biblical myth. There were no small clubs where rock bands could build up their fanbase. On Sinux HZ, rock music did not exist. And nor did record shops or even artists who could sell their latest albums on vinyl or else in any other format imaginable.

Music was never taught at schools and neither children nor adults had any concept of notes or basic chord structures. It would actually be true to say that people on Luciani's planet could not recognise music if you played it to them and explained that what they were hearing was, indeed, music.

The Emperor of the planet, Jeremy 17th, issued a decree that banned the usage of the word 'music'. Which was a sound law since none of the inhabitants of Sinux HZ had a remote idea what the word 'music' even meant. The law that banned playing music was also quite reasonable as people on Luciani's planet could not tell a string from a bow.

Sinux HZ was a planet of science. Gravity was the law. Perpetual motion machine was the law. Cure against cancer was the law. Living forever was the law. In fact, Luciani was one of the most prominent doctors on planet Sinux HZ and came up with a pill that allowed you to grey back, so to speak, i.e. make your hair black again. Or brown. Or green. Or whatever it was originally.

Travelling was also banned by Jeremy 17th, on the grounds that a different planet could be the source of a deadly virus that could provide the much sought-after access to the advanced technologies of Sinux HZ.

However, it once so happened that Luciani was working on teleportation in his garage (teleportation was his hobby – hobbies on Sinux HZ ranged from black holes to microbiology), and after a couple of manipulations that were a little less than precise, he turned up on planet Falcon TG.

It was a strange planet, that's the least you could say about it. The people were no different and even their clothes looked similar to those worn by the inhabitants of Sinux HZ, but most of it seemed wrong to Luciani. For instance, he wandered into an open door of some restaurant, and a girl talked to him in a rather fanciful manner and even invited to have a drink.

Later, it was dark and they came out into the street to walk to her place under the glowing light of street lamps and night time cafes. The girl's name was Nadine. She said she liked him. In fact, the only thing that worried Nadine about Luciani was that he looked a little restless and was always deep in his thoughts. 'I'm sorry, Nadine', he explained, 'but I've still not figured out the law of how to get back to Sinux HZ. I don't understand why it's taking me so long'.

Nadine offered him to stay at her place and maybe try to figure it out a little later, maybe in the morning. And at some point inside Nadine's house, something stranger still started to happen. Something like the noise, but not quite the noise. Something like the harmony, but not quite the harmony.

'How? How?' Luciani was pacing her bedroom, restlessly. 'Sounds? You what, you combine sounds and you get this? And that is the whole of the law?' 

'No', said Nadine. Then she walked up to Luciani and kissed him lightly, on the lips. 'Now this', she said, with a half-smile, 'this is the whole of the law'.