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18 October 2010

Lonely lovers

They say the circumstances under which you meet your lover will have a bearing upon your future relationship. Well, is that true?

Kathy and I, we met in the commonest city street with no special circumstances attached. It was a rainy October day. And when I say it was ‘a rainy October day’ I’ve no intention to sound poetic or romanticize anything – I’m simply stating the plain fact.  The day was rainy, and it was October. Half-hidden under her umbrella of pale red, she was walking gracefully in my direction. The lower part of her face which was exposed to the grayness of the busy pavement struck me while I was still a dozen steps away. I just knew it had to be her. God was she beautiful. The delicate clicking of her shoes, the gorgeous carves of her elegant autumnal coat; we were steadily and inevitably approaching each other and I, knowing there may be no second chance, was desperately groping for a decent way to start a conversation. The street, the pavement; all very commonplace, you see.

But Kathy walked past me. Kathy walked past me, like she always did. And I walked past her, Kathy, my lover. They say it’s the women you never had whose effect upon you is the strongest.

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